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44 Promises


+  Make a list of 44 ways you will bring love to the world.

Try to use felt tip blue pin so the water turns blue.

Then you should place the list into water and salt… use a glass or a bowl. Salt water symbolizes the oceans – mother energy. You can if you’d like place your turquoise stone into the water..

You can energize the water by praying over it or simply meditating with it nearby.

You can if you’d like touch the water and stir it with your finger tips.

Then say this phrase: 44 Promises now become ONE – as I do these things my works become done.

+  Over the next four days of the solstice pour a little of the water out onto the Earth or into a plant daily during your prayers.

Each of these days you can stir the water with your finger tips again as you pray.

On the 25th  of December, place the blank wet paper near a tree outdoors.

It is advisable to do the water portion and the words during the time of the eclipse.

I got that this lunar eclipse is a gateway for the coming age of enlightenment. So he who walks through the gateway is half way there.Part of the gateway is the idea of forgiving everyone you are involved in an inner battle with.

  1. Love Myself
  2. Love My Husband
  3. Love My Children
  4. Love My Family
  5. Love My Friends
  6. Take care of my health
  7. Plant a tree
  8. Help children artistically
  9. Help children financially
  10. Help the less fortunate
  11. No gossiping
  12. No lying
  13. Finish writing my books
  14. Adhere to the Four Agreements
  15. Use less electrical energy and water
  16. Plant foods
  17. Show others how to plant
  18. Heal myself emotionally
  19. Eat raw healthy foods
  20. Prepare whole meals for
  21. Prepare whole meals for Family & Friends, especially grandma
  22. Start my businesses so that I may help my entire family become successful
  23. Travel the world and meet new people, let them experience me as I will experience them
  24. Meditate
  25. Be mindful of my words and thoughts
  26. Be mindful of my actions
  27. Visit the Kingdom of the Trees often
  28. Recognize Gods Beauty daily
  29. Forgiveness
  30. Great, Healing Orgasms
  31. Walk barefoot on the earth
  32. Be more social
  33. Keep people laughing
  34. Keep myself laughing
  35. Smile for myself
  36. Smile for the world
  37. Expand my mind and the possibilities
  38. Have babies
  39. Be productive
  40. Contribute to society
  41. Remember its ok to cry
  42. Always recognize Love in everything
  43. Realize we are all One
  44. Be Peace


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