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…and Love Anyway

I watch as we sometimes give into the darkest parts of ourselves and let it take hold. I know for me, once Im hurt I hide. I dim my own Light as to not attract attention so I can heal in my heart space in private. When I’m hurt, the only person who ends up getting hurt is me. Others are so hurt they begin to hurt others and at times it all is so sad in my eyes.

Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand I could use to erase all the hurt and pain from our hearts. I wish I could be there to always whisper in our ears…”Dont give in. Dont give “it” the power. Remember who you are.” I’ve wished these things with my entire heart. And when I am still, I get clarity, and I remember we are all here to grow and expand and to experience. 

How can we ever appreciate the joy of happiness if we never experience sadness? In order to appreciate the grandeur of our being, we must experience All and the process cant be rushed or forced. Being angry with someone for not acting or being who we want them to be is not the answer. We dont yell at flowers to grow faster, we instinctively know it takes time and that the answer is simply to Love…anyway.

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