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“And you are still my QUEEN…Always”


To be called someone’s Queen? It’s a beautiful sentiment right? You have your King, the protector, the provider, the Queen’s first line of defense. And then there is the Queen, the King’s confidant, the well-being and most powerful aspect of the kingdom.

…An old flame of mines said this to me the other day.

“And you are still my QUEEN…Always”

I blocked him.

I know some of you may think that what he said was beautiful. But its not about the utterance of words to me… not anymore . So I’ll ask you ladies right now, is there a man in your life right now that calls you Queen? Ok now ask yourself, other than calling you a Queen, how does he show you, through his actions, that you are in fact his Queen or a Queen to him? And how do you show him that you take the responsibility seriously?

…I’ll wait.

Gentleman, to the women that you call your Queen, what has she done to show you that she is your Queen? And, what have you done to show her that she is a Queen in your life?

…I’ll wait.

Calling someone a “Queen” or a “King” is a fad nowadays. The way the words are tossed around today, we should perhaps leave the them alone altogether. And the way we allow ourselves to be treated by our so-called Kings? These “Kings” might as well call us Queans (look it up), for what the title actually means to them.

So for me, someone calling me Queen use to mean something to me. Not anymore. I care more about your actions. Regardless of relationship status, how does he treat me? Does he care for me? Does he look out for my well being? Does he give advice when I need it? Does he help when he can? Answering “Yes” to questions like these would show me that that man truly thinks of me as a Queen to be protected and not just some fad word that’s cool to say.

Repeat after me…

I don’t need to have someone define who I am. I am what I am. I don’t need anyone’s confirmation or recognition of the greatness within me, my existence alone is confirmation enough.

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