and your bible says “he who is without sin cast the first stone”

…and they still throw stones and repeatedly ask for forgiveness…and your bible says “judge and yea shall be judged” but they continue to act holier than thou and repeatedly ask for forgiveness. why?

No one knows why things happen. Why speculate? Someone dies, how dare someone speculate and say they died because of something “bad” they’ve done. You don’t know. A large number of people die, how dare you assume it’s Gods will because of their beliefs. Do you sit on Gods right hand? You act as if you’re judge, jury and executioner and you know nothing! Just make sure your house is in order when the time comes.

A suggestion? I would watch what you say and do because when you get into judging and giving reasons why, you get into Gods domain and he’s a jealous God and there shall be no God before Him right? I’d hate to be the one competing with the man upstairs. Who do you think is gonna come out on top you or God? Seriously.

My friend Shawanda says “People need to focus and care about people. Once people get that they can stop focusing on being so angry and negative. Religion equals hatred to me in the way that the world is today. If the world doesn’t wake up “we” will just destroy each other and blame it on our so called “religion”. Love people I think all religions teach that?”

Is this the image you have in your head? You’re sitting with Jesus (you can do that because you just KNOW you saved…smh) and y’all talking about a large group of people that just died and you say “yup they were killed because of the voodoo and their evil ways” and Jesus say sure was and give you a high five…IN YOUR BIBLE WHEN HAS HE EVER ACTED IN SUCH MANNER?!?

Or would he perhaps say something like no my child we don’t know why only my father knows. Wake up! If you gonna be about the bible be about it and stop half stepping. Stop quoting scriptures of convenience that support your evil ways and read it ALL and shudder!

And now you running scared and asking for forgiveness for your treachery, lack of love, deceit, judging and backsliding…just do right and you won’t have nothing to fear. Ain’t nothing like that smokeless fire huh?

Religion has been taking lives and leaving bloodshed in it’s wake for centuries….billions of people dead because of religion…the ends don’t justify the means. Please do research please…wake up so we can have a more peaceful world where love reigns supreme and all this “evil” ends.

These people just died of natural causes and y’all yapping your mouth as to why?!

Ok I’m done.


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