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ApplesWhen I was 15 or so I remember coming home to my grandmother and I was crying. she, of course, was comforting and wanted me to tell her all about it. So I go on to tell her that no boys in my class liked me, and I remember that she softly laughed at me. She pulls me to her chair and said she has something she wanted to tell me, and that she hoped it would make sense to me. She said Women are like apples hanging on a tree…she said and all the best apples…shiny, red, full of flavor…sit at the very top of the tree. Now men, of course, want the apples…and this is the most important part. Most men will walk to the tree and see that they have to jump to get the apples at the bottom of the tree…but they don’t want to put in any real effort so they are content to picking up the apples whose stems were so weak that they had fallen to the ground. Now other men will be willing to jump and pluck the apples on the lower branches…because they are easy to get…and very little effort has to be exerted. But then she said…there are those…very rare men who will be willing to climb up the tree, sometimes falling down, with scratches and scrapes…yet still climbing….to get to the very best apples. She said and those men are the ones who are willing to look past the obvious, go beyond the easiest….and settle for no less than the very best that you have to offer. These are the men that you want to wait for…because they will hold you high and love you deeply.

– Quoted from “Beyond This”

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    This has become a favorite to the ladies over on Facebook :-)

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