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Astrology Part I: The Devil’s Work?

Did you know that the moment you were born can determine how you will handle the rest of your life? Don’t believe me huh? OK how about this. Give me your birth date and the time you were born and I can tell you just about everything about you! No. Its not a magic trick and I don’t know you lol, and its not a horoscope its called Astrology or what some of my Christian brothers and sisters call it….the Devil’s work.

We rely so much on the written word of man that we fear to even look to the heavens any more. Astrology is a science (well pseudo-science) and science is mostly based on logical theories and fact. And logic and fact are two enemies to most religions. Most religions stop us from seeing outside the written word and looking inward to that which is greater…ourselves.

Now back to Astrology. The moment you were born the stars and planets in the heavens are positioned in such a way that it can determine your physical features, your relationship with your parents, your personality as well as your spirituality! Just when you thought you were your own person, comes to find out that you are a product of the universe. Just think about that…we are a product of the universe. Deep right? We share a connection to the moon, the planets, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, asteroids and even comets! You were aware that the moon’s gravitational pull controls the tides right? But it also controls our state of being!

Most of us are familiar with the zodiac but that’s just a tip of the iceberg. The 12 signs of the zodiac represents the 12 positions of the sun in the sky at the time of our births. So for example, I’m a Cancer and this means that if one were to look to the heavens during the time of my birth and could actually see stars during the day. One would see that from our view on earth, the sun “appears” to be in the star constellation of cancer during my birth. Now I mention only twelve but there are an uncountable number of constellations in the sky but the ones that have the most affect on us are as follows:

Nice huh? Your zodiac sign is an actual star constellation. For now, I’ll just call us the star children :-) OK I’ve given you enough for today. Next time we are going to get into why we are named as we are…so we’ll be finding out what the heck is a Capricorn? lol

Peace In Love Ya’ll

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