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Best Friends…

I am sitting out on a beach, a secluded beach, on a cliff, that overlooks the ocean. I look to my right and smile at my best friend. We are both relaxing, talking and laughing about all of our “problems”. But wait, it seems that each time we laugh at a problem the waves break across the rocks and a light mist falls on our faces. We both smile. “This” is insight. I could think of no one better to share this experience with. She is my best friend, we are love.

As the sun sets, I see some celestial event that brings tears to my eyes. As the sun kisses the ocean, it appears that golden sparks fly out around the base of the sun and atop the ocean. I look at my friend and she sees it too. No words can describe the experience so we speak none. We close our eyes and meditate on these words.

I am one with the universe.

I am full of life.

I am thankful.

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