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Choose Your Closer

I know most of us need closure after a relationship ends abruptly and our exes are no longer speaking to us. Many of the new agers would say give yourself your own closure or even burn the memory. What if we allowed another person to act in place of our exes and give us the most beautiful closing of the relationship imaginable?

For example, I didn’t get closure in my previous relationship so I ask my brother to act in my exes place and the conversation goes something like this…

Me: Why’d you leave me? Why couldn’t we make it work?
Brother speaking for my ex: Sweetheart I left because I couldn’t even be present for myself and didn’t know how to tell you. Now I’m here to tell you, you deserve better, I wasn’t ready and I don’t know when I’d be able to Love you as you deserve, until I first Love myself. And also dear heart, please work on loving yourself as well so that when unloved men like myself show up. It’s ok little one, it’s time to move on, you’ve cried enough. Don’t look at this as your failure just look at it as a lesson in Love.

*gives sister a big hug*

Wouldn’t this just change the entire dynamic of a break up? We don’t need the one who doesn’t love us to close, we need the ones who do.

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