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Confession: I’m a freak

1658372_655178427852957_596342849_o…ya’ll so nasty :-P. I know the ONLY reason why you’re reading this now is because you want to see how freaky Asherah Amyas is LOL. But I’m not speaking of that kind of “freak” but the kind that is weird or different. So now that I have your attention….

I’ve always been a “freak”, I don’t think the way the majority do. I’m water, I get into any situation and seek to change it, make things better and the one thing that I refuse to settle for any longer is mediocre relationships, particularly with men. We are way too advanced to base our relationships with the opposite sex strictly on hormones and physical attractions. We get what we want sexually/monetarily/emotionally and we discard our opportunities for growth with others like two week old take-out. This self-defeating attitude most stop and I’m ready for something deeper and more spiritual in my relationships, and now I’m not afraid to say it right up front. I’m looking for relationships that transcend the norm into a realm that spawns a spiritual awakening for those who dare to Love differently.

I’ve just mentioned this to one of my male friends tonight and I can not wait for his response. I’m sure he’s looking at my text as if, “This chick is crazy.” But I digress…

I came across this quote and it spoke volumes about relationships. And not to point a finger at men, but we women have also forgotten the purpose of a man in our lives. Its time to build more meaningful, intimate relationships. I’m ready…are you?

For you  men out there. You do not know what a woman is yet, no, not that. You human men forgot what a woman is, but I will tell you.

You Will Know You’re In Love With Her When you Love Her Every being! You humans need to learn the difference between hormones and emotions. You love women based on hormones instead of emotions which is why all misinterpret hormones for emotions (love).

You know that you’re not in love with her when you think a relationship is a job. You do nice things for her because you feel it’s your duty to as a boyfriend or husband. A relationship is not a job! A relationship is suppose to be a fantasy that you’re experiencing with the one you’re in love with.

You know you’re not in love when you only show her attention or call or text her only when you’re horny or that you feel you have to show her attention because she might get angry at you. Show her love and affection because you are in love with her. Desire her presence and care about how she feels at all times because you are in love with her, not because you feel that you have to. ~ Dark Matter Being

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