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Dreams are So Stupid!

I’m gonna stop writing in this journal because my dreams are so stupid…maybe when I start MM exercises they will actually mean something.

I dreamed that maybe I was from another planet and earth was foreign to me. I was in some sort of space ship, but maybe it wasn’t me at all maybe I was dreaming what someone else was seeing. I remember hiding in fields with thick grass. Lights were off everywhere and I don’t know what I/they were hiding from. the dream seemed familiar as well…next I remember walking down the highway beyond my dirt road with different folks all I remember was Quisha and Coko. We were waking to find some sort of light source. We were with some girl that was acting stupid. The light source we found were some type of colored letters that glow. When we found the letters we picked some, an ‘O’ I believe. It was red. We got just beyond our store and starting talking. I gave something to the store man and he gave me something. I returned it he gave me back .33 cents.

I remember construction workers in red jumpers watching me particularly. Coko had cut her hair, I think Toya was in the dream as well as we were walking back Coko was walking towards the store, we starting singing “Sunshine”. We messed up a verse. She gave playful chase to teach us the right verse. Later down the road I notice Tammi (don’t remember her). Dodged something. I look over and it was an elephant throwing something. I woke up cuz I think the dream was getting out of hand.

Catalysts: Oh Boy
1. Had pizza was kinda full
2. Went to sleep on gremlins, the one when they were outer space (hint spaceship)
3. Singing due to me and Moor talking about a hands-off approach to rearing children (hint: singing)

Throughout this dream there is a constant of darkness, looking for sunshine. The color red. The letter ‘O’ why was this letter picked for light.

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  1. Asherah Amyas May 5, 2010 at 2:59 PM - Reply

    Letitia ( am not yet an interperter of dream but I thik the dream makes a lot of sense. I don’t know what you may have been going through at the time. I know we all feel in dakness in time.. I am sure I am from another planet.. really… maybe you are too. long stroy short. Looking for the LIght and you found it.. an O a circle never ending … See Morecontinouisly in the light. I not yet good with numbers but I am sure 33 has some signifigance. I think that sometimes on on quest for teh LIght we feel we must be hidden. I think it is also necssary that we do hide.. expecially if the TRUTH (which is often unconventional) is earnestly being sought after. I see you have fun on your journey into self and not being alone.Often times in this process we feel very alone. brb.. i am researching 33… ha ha finding good stuff . I am such a nerd

  2. Asherah Amyas May 5, 2010 at 2:59 PM - Reply

    Alex Harvey ( is a Masonic Number and also a Master Number. christ was crucified at the age of 33

  3. Asherah Amyas May 5, 2010 at 2:59 PM - Reply

    Letitia Master Numbers 33 and their meaningThe number 33 is called the Master Teacher Number. A combination of 11 and 22, these individuals has transcended their own desires and usually devote their lives to the spiritual enlightenment of mankind. These unique individuals are often characterized by their sincere devotion to humanity. 33 individuals are extremely rare.

  4. Asherah Amyas May 5, 2010 at 3:00 PM - Reply

    Number thirty-three is considered to be the master of healing energies and is sometimes called the avatar number or the master healer. The people born with this number in their numerology charts are learning to focus on the universal problems, as they avoid getting wrapped up day-to-day problems and drama. Through a variety of universal loving skills and gifts these people can make a huge impact on humanity, provided they don’t fall into the traps of codependency and compulsive lying.Read more at Suite101: Numerology Number 33 – The Master Healer: The Symbolism and Personality of Number Thirty-Three

  5. Asherah Amyas May 5, 2010 at 3:00 PM - Reply

    Letitia In looking this up this has a lot to do with a path number and I am not sure what your path bnumber is because I am not yet fluent in numerology but I do know that it keeps coming up as the number of Truth, also came up as angels, protection… blah blah blah.I think your dream is very comforting. i believe food ahs little to do with how we … See Moredream but maybe more so how much we remember… Our dreasm are pathways into the spirit realm that our mind can’t fully interfere with.I think it also shows that the fear we think we need to have in the darkness is imaginary for eth darkness allows the LIGHT to be sign more brilliantly. When we are on unique paths we often are hidden from teh world because our very nature is contrary to this system(the beast) it is for our good.Letters I am sure they represent something as well having to do with wisdom or knowledge, learning.. Your exploration shows you are open to eth process to gain and gather and thrive of off deeper truths.. at least that is what my heart is telling me.. This dream is/was meant to ecourage you and comfort you…Peace Queen

  6. Asherah Amyas May 5, 2010 at 3:00 PM - Reply

    Letitia/Alex wow!! So now I don’t feel crazy for feeling so strongly for people and animals (just watched Food, Inc and I’m strictly fish now, the sounds of those chickens screaming? Omg, I actually cried.)oh wow! Thanks bro & sis wow. Letitia we need to talk sis :-)driving so can’t text like I want lol… See MoreY’all should read the other dreams in my journal oh wow. Thanx loves

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