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Duties as a “Mother”

There are 12 signs of the zodiac in astrology. The powers that be, felt the need to have 12 different types of people that are needed to have a functioning society. For example, I look at Libras as the justice keepers, I see the Aquarians as the humanitarians, the fathers of the nation are most definitely the Capricorns and myself, I am a Cancer and I look at us all as the Mothers of the zodiac. Whether male or female, Cancers tend to have a nurturing, loving energy. We Cancers have become very over-protective of ourselves and our immediate families; however, when if ever do we step outside our box, to the places that are unfamiliar and perhaps even scary to spread our Love and nurturing? Rarely if ever, do we sensitive creatures venture outside our homes to “spread love”.

In the past, we have had Cancer brothers and sisters step out in the name of Love to cause change in our neighborhoods, in our nation. We have had Nelson Mandela, Medgar Edvars, Mary McCloud Bethune  and even Princess Diana. Today either we Cancers have been so affected by situations and circumstances that we do not leave our protective bubbles or and I hope this is the case, we are working our Love magick behind the scenes to bring more Love to the world.

It is time that we begin to spread more Love in the world, its time to bring it “Home”…ibit.

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