Erotica: His First Time


Mmmmmm he even has a sexy way of knocking on the door. This promises to be fun.

I open the door and see his sexy ass standing there with that smile of his and beauty mark under his eye….mmmm mmmm mmmumph

Freaky thangs to do with a spoon. I giggle at the thought.

I don’t wait for him to enter. I walk out into the hallway, holding the door behind me. He moves closer as I lean up, mmmm he smells so good, I press my body fully against his and then use my tongue to trace a path from his chin to his lips, and I suck his bottom lip softly. He begins to kiss me back I step back into the doorway.

“Oh we teasing now?”, he asks.

“No I just thought it’d be impolite to fuck you in the hallway…”

He looks at me with an “oh shit now” expression on his face and I lead him over by the window.

“I figured its better etiquette to have them watch me give you head…oh, if that’s ok with you?”

He smiles. And grabs his erection. Oh it’s my night tonight. I am going to rock this man’s world.

He leans down to kiss me and at the same time I start undoing the buttons on his pants.

“Straight to business I see…” he breathes into my ear

“Why wait? We have our night and morning planned already.” I promise as I lick and suck his ear lobes.

He begins kissing my neck as I finish the buttons on his pants. I walk forward, guiding him to the chair by the window.

“Would you please have a seat sir?”

He does so and leans back into the chair.

woman kneesI bend down to my knees and smile. I pull his pants just a little more because I want him fully exposed to me.

His dick is perfect and it’s so pretty…I begin salivating.

“Now, before we begin I want to show you how much I love sucking your dick. Watching you lose it brings me joy. Now the key to giving head…”

I hold his dick as I suck his balls and massage them inside my mouth with my tongue. I gently release, lick his shaft up to his head, I squeeze his dick with my hand and stop to play with his pre-cum with my tongue and then I lick and suck him clean.

“…is to enjoy what your doing.”

As I look up at him, he’s looking at me as if staring at a temptress. A devilish grin spreads across my lips.

“Your cum tastes good and that makes it easier for me to enjoy myself. And the more I enjoy myself the better I’ll make you feel. I can’t be scared of the dick and you can’t be scared of this pussy.”

He takes my chin in his hand and pulls me forward. He wants me to continue. Enough talking.

Starting at his head, I begin to suck his dick in and out of my mouth. Each time allowing more and more of him into my mouth.

My God he’s going to make me cum too soon and I have to save it.

As I begin to deep throat him, I begin salivating uncontrollably and the slurping sounds are all I hear. I look up and his eyes are closed, head back…oh he’s gone. This can’t possibly be the man that warned me that it’s hard for him to cum from getting head.

The sound of his groaning is making my pussy so wet and start sucking his dick double time…I free one of my hands and reach down between my legs to squeeze my clit. Easy girl you’ll get served soon.

His muscles tense and almost as a reflex he puts both hands on my head and gently guides my head up and down.

I take him into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat and I hum.


“Damn girl.”

I look up at him, keeping his dick in my mouth, not stopping for a second.

I bare down on him again and I keep deep throating him, up and down all the while using my tongue to both massage the shaft of his dick and suck as I go back down on him. He continues guiding my head and as I go down on him again I try to take as much as I can of him into my mouth and I hum again.

He drops his hands from my head. Guess he realized he didn’t need to guide me.

I continue sucking, and slurping, trying to release the energy of the orgasm I’m not allowing myself to have through my mouth and I completely lose my mind sucking his dick and I hear him mumble something from far away and the next thing I feel is his hands on the side of my head and his cum running over my hand. I open my eyes and begin to suck on his head as he finishes. He’s still hard as a brick. I continue sucking his head and lapping up the cum I spilled.

Suddenly the groaning stops and he motions to stand and grabs both my arms and gently pulls me up with him, guiding me near the bed.

When he sits down on the edge of the bed, he pulls me forward to straddle him. I comply. I take off my panties, and stilettos, leaving my bustier on. I smile as I climb on top of his lap.

“Got damn girl, I wanna fuck you so bad right now….but a promise is a promise.”

He leans back and starts to pull my thighs forward. When his back hits the bed I raise up and slowly move on my knees towards his face.

I have waited so long for this. I don’t even know why I didn’t tell him what I wanted before. When he told me he didn’t “do that” when I asked him did he eat pussy, I knew we were going to have some intimacy issues. But finally, I confided in him and told him how I felt and was pleasantly surprised when he said “Ok” when I asked could I sit on his face. And tonight he is going to be dining on a freshly waxed pussy.

imagism_c16450I move up until I’m over his mouth. The energy that I had been building up? Goes immediately to my clit when I see him beneath me. I stare into his eyes with anticipation.

He pulls down on my thighs and says huskily, “Come here.”

And that’s it, that’s it. I start cumming and I scream out. I didn’t exactly sit on his face but slump down onto his mouth. He then reaches around my hips and uses his hand to pull back my skin and begins sucking my clit and I scream again.

Oh my fucking God!!!!

Oh my God!

He continues sucking and I can’t take it. I look down at him as he eats me and I lose my mind. I struggle to stand and I can’t move because he has me locked down. He mumbles as he eats me…

“Mmmm umph”

An orgasm rocks my body and energy fires throughout my entire body, straight to my ass and I scream in ecstasy again.

“Baby please you’ll kill me” I plead weakly, “Puhleeeeease.”

I struggle to stand and this time meet no resistance as he allows me to break free. Makes no difference, I can hardly move and my ass is throbbing.

I fall to the side of him an lie lifeless on the bed. He sits up an moves to get on top of me.

“Can I fuck you now?”

He doesn’t wait on a response and as I’m orgasming he puts himself inside of me and begins fucking me. He smiles, or smirks, whatever it is it’s devilish, and with each thrust I become more and more useless. Now I’m squirting uncontrollably and he doesn’t miss a beat. He continues to fuck me and another orgasm rocks my body and I scream out

“Baby you’re going to kill me” I moan.


He smirks, pulls out of me and inserts himself back in and before he’s even inside me again I’m squirting.

I’m useless as he continues fucking my limp body as fresh orgasms rip through my body. I slip in and out of consciousness as I make a mess of the bed and him.

He continues to have his way with me and that night I sleep like a baby and I don’t even hear him leave for work the next morning. I simply wake up and look for my panties.

Gotta learn to keep my mouth closed.

Turning myself on

Wow! Writing this one really messed me up. I’m squirming in my seat as I try to finish my day. I have to start bringing a vibrator to work.

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