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Feel the Love

I had only felt the Love energy b/w two people before once in my life and it was with LaTonya Ton Babb and her daughter Nunu Love. The mother said “You are beautiful NuNu” and the baby said “Thank You mama”. I cried like a baby because I felt the Love and it literally made me weep. Well I just felt it again when Kenya K Stevens said to her husband “I Love You” and he replied “I Love You too”.

I cried and I’m still crying. People it just feels so damn good. Please drop all of the restrictions and limitations that you think are Love and Love someone truly and completely. There is absolutely no better feeling in this world. In both instances I felt a rush of energy flowing all through my body, coursing through my veins and the only response was to cry.

lol and I’m still crying lol I promise you I’m not crazy I don’t know how to explain it. I feel it all the time with people I’m close to but between two people “seemingly outside of me”…its just beautiful. lol that caught me off guard lol

Wow finally the tears are subsiding…that lasted for about 20 minutes lol lol lord ya’ll gonna think im a nut i really don’t care though lol

Here are Kenya’s responses…
WOW! What an amazing experience you are in. I feel you. The love you experience is real… it’s the love that comes in a relationship when two people are in motion, moving together growing together. My husband and I do not settle for less. We constantly go through growth experiences together and each of these bonds us even closer. Some are afraid to experience great change in relating to their partner… but when we go through change together it only makes the bond more intense. This is the Progressive Love Ideal and we love it. Thanks for noticing.

Thank you for noticing the intense energy we share. What has built this bond is going through challenges together mindfully. No matter what we go through we know it’s something to merely grow through… that is the secret.

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