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Finally Tax Relief!!

I had been hearing all of these commercials about paying taxes and it was just getting on my nerves, I went out yesterday (on a date with my college ex…yeah…long story) and driving back I kept hearing this one commercial that was insistent on providing tax relief. So I said to myself  “‘little girl’ remember CNC Tax program for when I get home“. (Its from a book I read by St. Clair on ESP long story) And this morning as always she pops in my head “CNC Tax Program”….and Merry FUCKING Christmas!!

You can get their behinds off your back not only with this method but in 5 other ways that I did not know. I know its exactly what I was looking for. I had heard of offer in compromise but this pretty much stops ALL activity if you are unable to pay. They are not bugging me at all but they have been in the back of mind and I’m about to put this puppy to sleep…RIGHT now.

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