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First Dreams

Collection of Dreams I’ve Had So Far….Can’t Make Sense of Any of It
  1. Someone keeps asking for nail polish (for growth) someone keeps sending it to a store shelf
  2. Woman & boy fight off this old man who tries to get you by accepting him in your home (snowing outside) dog name pearl in form of a black fat girl tries to do the same. The old man likes trains
  3. Ugly little monster trying to kill his parents, sucks insides out of people, asks for crayons from lil brother, the colors(?) stand for certain grades
  4. Jamal, gas station, USDA, a baby is shot by a man…dark skinned curly hair
  5. Teeth fall out (seemed real)
  6. Dalilah & dude(?) on roof of a store…I went to get a black dress…turned out to be the wrong color, dude in store made me mad.
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