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Flying High Above Troubles

Just woke up from a very interesting dream. I was back home and these dinosaurs were chasing me and few other people. I ran all over that dream but then something strange happened…

As one of the dinosaurs was about to chase me off a cliff, I heard just these words in Boyz II Mens song “Whatever you ask me you know I will do” and as I came to the edge I thought about the need to fly and I jumped off that cliff and I was flying! So instead of running for most of the dream I kept flying around in the dream! The dinosaurs were getting pissed and I was just laughing and playing and flying! And each time I wanted to fly I would sing just those words in that song…“Whatever you ask me you know I will do” and I would just fly all over the place.

I remember seeing the tops of the trees and flying and touching and pulling on the trees. It was amazing!

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