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General reading

– JT didn’t give me ccm_root but gave it to my colleague.
– Searching eHarmony for a guy friend to talk to
– Gave Michelle TCOC code
– Told DH to not cheat on wife
– New guy, Stan, knows owner of Bashas chain
– Offer on house to sale

6 Pent
3 Swords                            Prince cups
Moon           A Swords(c)    World        3 pent
5 wands                             Seeker/Hermit
10 cups

This starts off talking about my business and facing the unknown. Its telling me to get moving because what you want everyone wants. Past hidden and bad forces are gone. My goal is to have money and be able to share my wealth. The future holds only good. I am in a state of peace, love and happiness. My environment is a place of inner soul searching. My hope is to be financially secure. Outcome looks like either a guy will enter my life or I will be receiving good news or a business opportunity.

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