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Have you ever had a spiritual/supernatural experience that you just can’t explain?

I just want to hear your stories. Have any of you had a supernatural experience that you just couldn’t explain? If so, tell me what happened. I’m curious. Thanks I’ll post one of mines.

PLEASE don’t address other people’s posts, lets just share these stories so we can all have things to think about.

PLEASE don’t post a story where you were clearly not lucid lol…so post only stories where you were completely sober and/or not high lol.

Thanks all!

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  1. Asherah Amyas May 4, 2010 at 4:04 AM - Reply

    Gosh I have a few but this is the simplest one….I was at a 1 way stop (T-section) in my car…I looked both ways as usual and was about to make my right turn and I heard a voice that didn’t sound like the usual voice in my head say “Look again” and of course I’m like wth? So I do the obvious and Look both ways (and mind you this happen in fractions of a second) and I look to my left and theres this huge F350 truck with massive tires barreling down the road doing about 60 in a 25 and it would have just been bad for me…I would of gotten broad sided and I hate to think how that would have turned out….I’m thankful :-)

  2. Asherah Amyas May 4, 2010 at 4:05 AM - Reply

    I am the type of person that doesn’t believe anything until I see it, feel it or hear it. So here’s my story….I was in the 12th grade and myself, alesia phillips and nikki hawkins had just dropped maquisha howell off at her moms house in forkland. We were on our way back to demopolis…crossing the bridge…as we were approaching the bridge, we saw a triangle of lights hovering over the bridge…we were like..”what the fu$k is that?”….I rolled my window down to listen for propellers….cause I knew it had to be an airplane of some sort….I heard nothing…lisa heard nothing…nikki heard nothing…omg!! I guess we could of stopped but our houses were in that direction. So we continued….when we were directly under the 3 light triangular object…the inside of the car lit up like it we had turned the lights on. As we continued riding over the bridge and looking back at the “ufo” it started to “float” up and move over the water…lisa put the pedal to the metal and we went home.- Dinesha Carter

  3. Asherah Amyas May 4, 2010 at 4:05 AM - Reply

    I had movd in wit my dad in ’99 and he stayd in a trailor behind the school just off dat dirt road, across the way from where Janice Essex stayed. ‘Member how some ppl used to say dat da 6 legged lady haunted the railroad tracks behind John Essex?…Well I had to walk home one night after a football game(couldn’t get any fuckin body to take me home). I was walkin and whistlin(do that when I’m scared) when I heard dis winded laughter. I was thinkin that one of my cousins runnin to catch up with me. I stopped and looked back, but I ain’t see nobody. My fingers went numb as I turnd ’round cause da thought of da 6 legged lady had crossed my mind. I startd speed walkin towards da tracks. I got about 10 steps from da tracks and saw a tall figured runnin on da tracks. I stoppd and my whole body went cold numb I closed my eyes, screamed, and tried to run. I couldn’t make a move. I must have blackd out cause I don’t ‘member anything after that, just ‘member walkin up on da porch at da trailor.- Markus Collier

  4. Asherah Amyas May 4, 2010 at 4:06 AM - Reply

    I’ll add another Stacy I know you remember this…I had just gotten a divorce and I basically told him to just leave and don’t worry about anything…just leave and I’ll handle everything. Well I was in over my head but I knew I would pull through because I was suppose to leave that marriage. So times were bad dealing with huge chunks of debt and a massive house. So things started to catch up and I received a warning in a dream…I swear on my life about 2 or 3 weeks later that dreamed played itself out exactly the way I dreamed it…down to the damn clothes everyone had on…as one person began to speak I just had an out of body…I said aloud…omg yall I dreamed this…even how were sitting and what you have on…of course they looked at me like I was crazy but I was just shocked that i was able to dream a dream and it come true exactly how I dreamed it…it was a amazing and left me with even more q & a’s

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