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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #83: How Light Are You?


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I feel that after death, the only thing that matters is what our spirits held on to while we lived. Do you hold on to past hurts and pains? Or perhaps your material possessions? Do you intentionally cause others harm? Are you entertaining the idea that heaven or hell is for one race and not another? And for the cynics, do you hold on to the actions and behaviors that upset you about the world? Or do you keep within that you are Love and your very existence is Divine?

So often, we burden our spirits with way too much garbage. We are on missions to save the world, so disappointed by the state we feel its in and we forget that change begins with us. We cant expect to change the world unless we first change ourselves. So I ask, how light are you? What are you carrying around and for what purpose? What battles are you fighting, are you winning? At death, will you die freely or with regret and longing?

I saw a quote the other day that read “Lighthouses don’t go running all over the island looking for boats to save, they just stand there shinning.” And I feel that’s so important for us to remember, if we are TRYING to do something, is it really meant for us to do? If we are truly living out our blessings, I’d imagine that our contributions would be effortless right? I believe we are naturally blessed with everything we need to make a contribution to society. There are no missions to be had, the only thing we need be is ourselves. So when we die, we can do so without regret because, I believe, we will live on forever and the part of us that existed in this body will be governed by whatever heaven or hell we sent it to while we lived. Or perhaps, its best to enter into that realm with no beliefs at all…I think I’ll take that. As Erykah Badu said, “Pack light.”

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