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How to Release Fears of the Future and Feelings of Lack and Inadequacy

I had my first, what had to be, nervous break down in 2007. I was in a position in my life in which I was not happy with much of anything. I wasn’t happy with myself, my marriage, my job, just about everything I felt needed to be changed and I felt completely hopeless to my situation. I completely relinquished my power to whoever I thought was more powerful than I.

And then I had an epiphany and like that I had the answer. I just let go. I lost about 60lbs all without even trying. I amicably ended my marriage to my husband of 11 years and I changed positions at my job. And it all happened effortlessly, I made a mental decision that everything that needed to be changed I had the power to change it. I was at the summit of my life and I was finally content.

Then its as if I forgot everything I learned. I relinquished my power once again and I felt helpless to control any of my circumstances. I put forth a lot of physical and mental effort to change my circumstances and none of it worked. Then one day I said “fuck it” Im tired and do you know the moment I did that everything just fell into place. Its like magic but we all know its Divine/God energy.

So today I just realized I fell back off the summit and now I am realizing everything all over again. I have been reading and watching lots of helpful information on reducing stress, so now I know what to do, but I can not forget.

(Hope and Help for your Nerves)

Floating Over Fears of the Future

  • Step 1: What is it that keeps you up at night or is worrying you?
  • Step 2: Ask yourself, has it happened yet? The answer will be No
  • Step 3: So now instead of worrying or fearing it, ask yourself how can you best prepare for the situation so when/if it does happen you will be ready.

Floating Over Fears of Inadequacy

  • Step 1: What is it that keeps you up at night or is worrying you?
  • Step 2: Ask yourself, “Is there anything I can do about this?”
  • Step 3: If its not, then there is nothing left to do but fully accept 100%. If there is, prepare and make changes.

Its all so very simple but knowing the path and walking the path are always two different experiences.

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