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I am my mother’s child, I am my father’s little girl.

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I listened to my home-made audio last night and I must say I feel something shifted inside of me, not sure what yet but something is different. I know one thing, I did learn, no matter how much you may want a man in your life if he doesn’t chose you back you can forget it honey. Forget about what was said or done in the past baby, you have to look at the present. What is he offering you? What is he doing for you? What does he need from you? If the answer is nothing, then what are YOU doing? Need some bombs dropping on that one lol

And for the one’s that are alive and active in our lives, is he providing you with what you need, or is he providing you with what he thinks you should have?

And for the ones that are looking to get into the “your man” position? Give them about a year or when he feels he’s “gotten you”….

Does he still continue to do the things he did before? Does he still call to make sure you got home safely? Does he still open doors for you? lol Shit? Does he still call? lol Or are YOU always the one doing the calling?

Honey, if this man is wanting you to be his partner…you can’t be all ga-ga-goo-goo over a front…you have to keep your mind about you as well. Channel that father energy honey, because we all know mama gone be gone at “I Love you” lol Channel your father’s energy baby girl.

For a large number of black children, their fathers are no longer in the picture. So what most of the female children do is to go out and seek a man to be that father figure…someone we can TRUST unconditionally, and that is a very dangerous thing to do. Having being reared by mostly women, who never really talked of discernment and being smart, but being great Lovers. It left me WIDE open to whatever a man had to say or give, no level of scrutiny did I give, I went on their every word. Why would someone lie? Why would someone be untrue? The thought never occurred to me. It would be a lesson that a father taught, but one I never received.

Now? I get it. These folks ain’t playing out here. I will NEVER…EVER…put myself in a position again where if one party doesn’t do their part I’m SOL…and I don’t know if that will make me a bad woman or undesirable or what. But it is how it will be with me and right now I don’t know if its ok, I don’t know if its the best thing for me, but right now? I am in self-preservation mode like a mother-fucker…oh wow…like a father! Ha!

My home-made meditation taken from Alice, Kathryn (2012-12-06). Releasing a Person: Fast Recovery from Heartbreak, a Breakup or Divorce (Love Attraction #1) (Love Attraction Series) (Kindle Location 307). Alice Tompkins Company. Kindle Edition.

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