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I Miss You

Im sitting at my desk working and I hadn’t heard from The Viking in about 30 mins and I realize I miss him. We have so much in common, real things, not commonalities I pull from the sky like “Oh we have the same digits in our phone number” but real-world synchronicities that I did not embellish with my rose colored glasses. We can, and do, talk about anything so 30 minutes of not hearing from him seemed like 30 hours. So I text him and this is the exchange we had. Its such a pleasing exchange of words that I had to add it to the record of my life’s journey.

Me: I miss you

Him: I miss you 2!!!!!

Me: Promise that if [it doesn’t work out] that we will remain friends ok? Thank you for being you honey ❤️
(I say this because Im realizing that this man not being in my life will produce a large absence in my life even though we hadn’t known each other for a couple of weeks.)

Him: Promise. It’s not gonna be an issue, babe 😂. Friends at the VERY least

Me: Im near tears right now because I realize how toxic my choices were before. I kept attracting men who used emotional blackmail to keep me hungry for THEIR affection.

Your admitting “I miss you too” was probably effortless yet so many times I said it and didn’t get that in return.

Now seeing it with new eyes? Its simply beautiful to me…one that you’re emotionally open enough to say it and two that I can see what I had been missing all these years by not focusing on self-love as a #1 priority. The world is much more vivid now that my rose colored glasses are destroyed. Thank you for being you honey ❤️

Him: It was easy – I do miss you

Me: Don’t make me cry
But I do cry, I mean the ugly cry, because I truly know…not believe…his words within me. Immediately I say I must share this, I must capture this. I hadnt wanted to talk about someone new in my life in a very long time. I feel alive again

Me: Can I add this exchange to my blog? I wont use your name…its just so beautiful.

Him: Of course 😘

Me: Thank you honey

Him: It makes me happy that you’re happy 😉. I got you
I take this in…I know he speaks the truth.

Goodbye to the Viking

Well it didn’t work out. I felt him pulling away from me and cats don’t chase dogs so I told him that I felt him pulling away and that I would give him space and I would follow his lead. Well I was spot on, he was pulling away and this is what he wrote me. Its so beautifully written and he was able to articulate his feelings well, although I so wanted to be upset for suddenly leaving, I can’t be mad, at least I didn’t waste alot of time and now he’s aware that he needs to stay on his healing journey a bit longer. I wish you well <3.

March 1st, 2023
Hey Sharron. I appreciate your candor – I am pulling away. I’m not ready. I thought I was. Hoped I was. Found a person in you that I have so much in common with, can enjoy on so many levels, but the minute it became something that approached a relationship, every hair I have stood on end. My focus went from enjoying what you have to offer and looking to deepen our connection to how can I get away and not disappoint you. I felt my old pattern start to set in – suppress my feelings, go with the flow, don’t let her down. I could, too. I could slip right into that and make your priorities mine, define myself in that and bottle up whatever it is in me that I want. My mother trained me to always put her above myself in all things – protect her feelings, her safety, her image. She’d reward me when I did it well. She’d make me feel terrible if I stepped out of line. You’re nothing like her, but the pattern she set remains. My instinct is still to protect your feelings and ignore mine. You’d be easy to do it with too because you are incredibly giving, you’re so easy to be around, and I know you wouldn’t take advantage. It doesn’t address my core, though – I’m still emotionally conditioned. Meeting you and you knowing what you want, what you’ll accept and being self aware showed me that I’m not. I’m not healthy. I can’t define what I want. I can’t connect with that person in me that I’m dying to meet. I’ve spent the last couple of years thinking about what went wrong in my marriage, how I was treated, what was unacceptable, what I want in my next relationship, yada yada. Those are all valid, and I did need to recognize what I allowed so that I can watch for it and not get caught up in anything like that again. That was important – but I’m realizing it was only half the work. You telling me you loved me was a wake up call – as I started processing it, I realized I can’t give you that. I have no foundation, no settled core that is me. There’s nothing I can attach that to that’s ready to build on. I’m not me. I don’t know what me is.

We talked about this in macro. You know what’s fucked up? Every instinct I have is screaming at me that this is not the way to approach this. It tells me to pretend everything is ok. Pretend that I’m solid. Act! Don’t under any circumstance tell any truths that may lead to hurt feelings or disappointment. Suppress this and it will make everything alright. Ignore! Don’t let anyone know that you’re an emotional wreck and have no idea what the fuck you’re doing. It’s insidious. I have too much respect for you and too much of a desire to be different than that to listen to that training. I’m not a victim. I have things I need to do before I can be who I want to be and to be able to meet someone like you on equal footing and be ready for a relationship. I’m sorry it took me a minute. I really had to look at things to figure out what I was feeling before I could tell you.

I have work to do. I’m going to start with pulling away from distractions. I’m going to close down social media. I’m going to write out what I do know and like we discussed, I’m going to get my body right. I know at the very least that I can’t address my mind while my body’s a wreck, so that’s step one. Step two is identifying all of the things I’ve procrastinated, and put them to bed. The easiest way to keep from moving forward is to be entangled with little things that “have to be done” but never quite get finished. They’re always there as an excuse to not move forward because “gotta do those first and then you can start.” Smh. Step three is to find a counselor and begin unraveling the things I don’t know how to address, and with them, put step 4 together which is setting goals and accomplishing them. I thought about deleting this last part, cause it doesn’t apply to us, but then I figured you’d want to know. Can’t have you wondering 😂

That’s how I deflect – humor. It’s how I cover up that I’m emotionally knotted. I’m good at it too. I’m sorry I can’t match your energy – I may not be in a position to accept excellence, but I can recognize it when I see it.

I’m absolutely your friend, Sharron. If something comes up and you need me, I’ll be there. If I need you and you’re amiable, I’ll call you, too. I’m going to start my journey tomorrow. I’m earmarking the entire day to putting my affairs in order and planning out my steps. Thank you for what you’ve given me. I’m sorry I’m not in a position to accept more.


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