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I’m Pregnant!…again honey

I dreamed I had a baby…I showed no signs of pregnancy. It was a baby boy…I thought he was Stockman’s son but I realized it was Rubberband Man’s. I was walking with a red baby carriage filled w/ junk and everyone was like let me see your baby…I was like “I don’t have a baby”…they looked anyway and pulled out another little boy from under the junk…I thought this baby was Kelly’s. The first baby was dark skinned and very cranky. I laid him down to change him and he fought me…the second baby was very shy and good. He was light skinned w/ Kelly’s eyes…I never saw any of the baby’s as new born. They were all about 1 years old…What happened to the first baby I had? where did the second one come from? Why did I never appear to be pregnant? Will I adopt? Why were there no girls…I would adopt a girl first if I couldn’t get pregnant?

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