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Its Alive!!!

I’ve been on multiple types of life fasts recently, from food to social media, I have also been reciting the Usnisa Vijaya Dhurani 21 times for 21 days…so I’ve been getting real pure up in this Peace. The day before was extremely “pure”, if I do say so myself, and I had listened to music ALL, natural, day long, morning til night, and sang until I couldn’t sing anymore. I was in such a good space, so when I closed my eyes last night and was attacked by visions of men…AND women, war, sex, demons, spirits of all sorts of craziness, I knew something went left somewhere.

I immediately opened my eyes, in shock, and checked under my pillow for a little “heat” that Master Gibson told us to pack to keep the nasties away. As I grabbed for it, I heard the muffled crunch from the lamination under my pillow…cool…it was still there. I closed my eyes again to sleep and even more visions and images returned. I flipped my lids open again in complete astonishment! What. In. The. Entire. World was going on?! Instead of closing my eyes again, I stared at the ceiling in disbelief. I rarely have bad dreams or nightmares and during this period of fasting and prayer my dreams were quite inviting and beautiful, when I did remember them, so this just didn’t fit. Was it the movie I watched the day before? Was it because of my ex? Just to say his dang on name makes me feel crazy so if its him I’d get it. Why in the world was this happening?

Once again I closed my eyes, and yes, not to disappoint, I was attacked again by a cloud of images coming from everywhere and all around me. I bravely kept my eyes closed this time and examined everything I saw, scientifically this time. What was this and why? I saw women crying, mostly, scenes of sex, men at war, weird demon-like creatures, deceased spirits (I just knew), individuals yelling at me, people crying…I mean the list goes on and on. In “dream world”, although I definitely was WIDE awake, time isn’t the same as here so I cant tell you how long I spent watching this horror reel but my heart was beating a mile a minute and I was starting to get a bit scared so I finally decided to recite the Ana Be’koach.

As soon as I spoke the Ana Be’koach, all the images and visions were instantly replaced with this white fog of crystalline light and color with sparkling hexagonal shapes bordered with shimmering  white, moving, light. (The picture to the left is as close as I could find, without the web structure, add hexagons and more shimmering, overlay with a light pale blue, flog and imagine all of this moving around your entire being in protection). I relaxed a bit and let the light envelope me. As I was basking in this beauty I gave thanks to All for allowing me to witness this splendor. I remembered I am always protected and I smiled inside and out. After the recitation was done. I opened my eyes and heard my bedroom door creak*. Oh heck nawl, I got scared all over again, squeezed my eyes tight and chanted the Ana Be’Koach again and the soothing fog of light reappeared to my comfort. I spent more time letting this cloud of Peace pass around and through me until I had calmed down.

Keep in mind all of this is happening and I haven’t been to sleep yet…once…yet sleep does find me but it was really rough because I woke up with a feeling of something heavy sitting at my heart. Normally I just pop out of bed, not this time, I felt heavy. What in the world had happened?!

The MINUTE I asked that question the answer came to me…


Call me crazy, all I can tell you is my experience, I have no reason to lie. I dont even care for attention, so there is no incentive to make this all up. So yes…that is the answer I heard in response and immediately I knew what it all meant. What I was seeing was everything that still lived on in those songs, I listened to rap and r&b mostly yesterday and although there were joyful songs…most were filled with heartbreak, sex, drugs and talks of killing or death.

Yeah but it sounds so good don’t it?

Uhm yeah, but no, I am NOW limiting my intake of music, there are too many entities of negativity attached to the energy of the music. It completely attacked me when I went to sleep…hundreds of unresolved issues, hurt, anger and pain swooped down on me like a swarm of locusts and I definitely dont want to have that experience again. As of today, I am sticking with the artists that really speak to my soul like Lianne LaHavas and getting more into classical. Everybody else? Got to go.

So as Im finding solace in this reveal, I suddenly remembered a dream I had forgotten that same night! It was a dream of a little girl who was acting strangely to her parents and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. I had a birds eye view so I followed her and as she sat down at a table one day, a song started playing overhead and immediately her demeanor changed and she would go off in a zombie-like trance to do as the music commanded her to do. Once the song stopped, she would also with no recollection of the experience!

Listen, not only did I get VERBAL confirmation of what it was, I received VISUAL confirmation of what had happened to me that night. This charnged music acts as a Pied Piper of energy and for those who aren’t still enough to notice, I truly feel after they listen, especially as intently as I had, they will then be plagued by the energy associated with the writer of the song, the composer of the music and the voice of the artist…everybody’s issues are coming along for the ride. I never noticed any of it, until now. Yes it sounds good, but exactly who and what are we listening to? I always would say that something was in music…now I know. Wow!  This time I definitely got the memo…and if you’re reading this, so have you…you’ve been warned.

Yet Another Reveal

Yes the revelations have kept coming this morning. So as I am preparing to write my blog post, I search for images on google with the flag “Pied Piper” and I decide to read the story of the Pied Piper. The Piper was brought in, with the promise of pay, to drive away rats from a village. The Piper fulfilled his end of the bargain but the villagers refused to pay and the Piper used the same flute he used to drive away the rats to attract the villagers children, all of them, and led them off never to be seen again. #pause Wait…hold on. Doesn’t R. Kelly call himself the Pied Piper of R&B?! Yup, and just like that I will doubly not listen to R. Kelly’s music. Wow the man told us exactly who he was and because that music sounded so good we just simply didn’t think to listen. Wow.

* my door needs WD-40. As soon as the air comes on the gust moves that door and the now infamous “creeeeaaaak sound happens. You couldn’t tell me that at the time though. Oh heck nawl, it was too much lol.

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