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We wait on our love letters
in heavy silence
bottle up frustrations
to drink in daily doses
stash pieces of you
in pocket spaces
try to claim you whole

We are your women
molded from rib bone
Flesh of your flesh
Tasted forbidden fruit
Find ourselves
exposed and aware
naked but unashamed
bold, black, beautiful

So we no longer apologize
For tough skin
quick tongue
high expectations
We, born for greatness
Can accept no less
So we demand of you
What you were created for

Make right
distorted images
and see us
willing and open
not angry or bitter
tired and ready
aching to be seen
past head swinging
And eye rolling
vulnerable and needing
You to strip past
hard shell and layers
hold us on high pedestals
call us by name

And we feel you still
even in your absence
like phantom limbs
wax and wane
like ying yang philosophy
like karmic settlement
twin souls reunited

Author: Titilope

Categories: Poems

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