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Lesson Learned: Learn to Do It Yourself

Lesson Learned: Before you hire someone to do something for you? Learn as much as you can about it first. Many people will look to get over if they feel you don’t have the expertise to get it done yourself or if you don’t know anything about the topic.

Because I didn’t know how to edit videos my editor thought he would run the “it takes a lot of time” or “I’m giving you quality work”. I spent a few hours learning how to do it myself, really simple once you know what you’re doing. So while he was taking his sweet time with my money…for days. I actually went behind him and showed him what I did having absolutely no knowledge in video editing and I produced something before you did…in hours.

When he knew I was up on game his tune changed. Please know as much as you can before you hire someone to do the work for you, Im looking into taking a mechanics course next. Im tired of people feeling they can get over…just because.

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