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More Words of Wisdom…Life Lessons

1. Love yourself
2. Teach people how you want to be treated
3. Don’t let anyone walk over you; ever; not once
4. Each experience in life, good or bad prepares you for the next experience
5. Put no one before yourself
6. Your environment and living conditions reflect you
7. Being silly and funny is OK
8. Learn the lesson before you teach it to someone else
9. Practice what you preach
10. Life is short and its long when you make the wrong choices
11. In life you will have all different types of friends
12. Clean out the old to make room for the new
13. Be thankful for what you have
14. Live life with passion
15. Don’t use the word try…there is only “I will” or “I won’t”
16. Don’t let others problems become your own

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