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Well it’s official, I believe…no, I know…I am what’s called a Lightworker. I realize now I can’t run from it. As if almost passing out when I realized Yemaya was my godhead wasn’t enough, I needed more proof I suppose.

My epiphany started while watching American Gods. There was a seen where the god Maat was weighing a human heart against a feather. I said to myself nonchalantly, “Well that’s not something I’d have to worry about, my heart would be lighter than the feather.” And then I truly thought about it, and I could not recall not one time that I intentionally caused human suffering that was not unprovoked. To live this life and be able to say that is commendable, yet also strange.

So then I really started to think, but why? All my life from a wee child to now I have had such traumatic experiences with humans…but why? Why do they constantly show me the worst sides of themselves almost immediately?

So yesterday I was listening to “Marianne Williamson” podcasts and she broke the news. She said “If you are a Lightworker, people will always show you their pain. You are here to help others heal.” And the moment she said it I knew I couldn’t run from it. The Creator, the gods and goddesses, the angels, ancestors, spiritual guides and parents have always taken care of me. Anything I wanted, all I had to do is ask and it was mines. Now I know why Im so blessed, it’s because of my difficult life mission I am cared for so.

I can’t run, but I realize now having people close to me is something I probably should never do except for other Lightworkers. As difficult as they are to find, I’m sure I’ve found one and with him I’m going to finish out my journey.

This vacation from “people” was great, however it’s time to get back in and finish doing what I’m suppose to do.

Yup, all me!

An article I found on questions to ask yourself if you may be a Lightworker 20 Signs You’re What’s Known As A ‘Lightworker’

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