Love Letters to Ra: He Makes Me Remember Who I Am

My Dearest Ra,

You are so powerful…SO POWERFUL and remember to always bring to yourself people who also remind you of your Godliness. I once told you that I felt I was meant

to be alone, and you disagreed, and now I understand why I felt that way, because alone I know Im a Goddess Ra. No doubt in my mind. When Im in a space of meditation, alone, I remember. And I know if I ever were to have children, I’d begin to forget my Divinity and they would in turn never know theirs. I have to protect that and if I were to ever meet a man that I spent my life with, he would remind me that I am a Goddess and One with God. My only requirement. He’d remind me that all that we endure is only of our own Creation, even your uncomfortable words to me only to serve to make me remember who I am; however, I only know how to do that alone…currently I dont know how to be with someone closely and remember.

When Im alone I can remind you I Love you dearly and to remain strong, Im here, and know that no matter what you do and who you are…you are a God Ra. You could bring another to their knees in pain and know it only serves to make them stronger, make Us stronger. Remember compassion and you’ll know when to give it and to whom. There is nothing you can do that is wrong…there only Is.

And I still have you blocked everywhere, Im sorry, so if you respond I won’t get it…I have to remember Ra…I need me..**** *** needs me too. ❤️

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