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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #89: Love Myself AND THEN WHAT?!

world shouldersI grew up in the south and we were taught, by the actions of our parents, that women were of lesser value than men. The male children had very little responsibility and the women did the cleaning, washing dishes and even cooking. I can only remember my brother taking out the trash. Women wanted to have sons and thought daughters would be a burden or more troublesome.

Now take those same children and fast forward into adulthood, you are going to have women “holding it down” while the men are served as Kings. Women who don’t expect much because we were taught basically the men were our Kings to be served and worshipped.

For those that grew up under these conditions, and constantly find themselves in “bad” relationships, I don’t feel “not loving yourself” is the cause of it all. It’s much deeper. In my opinion, the way women like me are/use to be is due to conditioning. How do you even know what the hell it is to “love yourself” if from birth it was never taught! If we’re conditioned to be beneath men, we are going to attract men who will place us beneath them.

In my opinion, a woman growing up as I did, needs to redefine what being a woman means. Take time out to forget EVERYTHING we’ve been taught about how a woman should be. Redefine yourself, for yourself. Every woman is different and what works for one is not going to work for all. If you discover what works for you, it works for YOU, leave others to discover what works for them. And when we discover who we really are as women, we will begin to stop repeating these *self detrimental actions in relationships and then, and only then, will we attract men who will be more supportive in relationships…men who will see you as equally powerful because you see the same in yourself.

* The condition of one affects ALL, I think our inability to release our conditioning is the reason we are in the state we ALL are in now.

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