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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #10 A Lesson in Love

You’re the tallest and most beautiful rose in my fantasy garden.
When I visit my fantasy garden I’m drawn to your beauty,
I want to be around you.

But I long to take you and make you mines.
I’ve tried before and I have the pricks from your thorns to prove it.

But this time, when I attempt to snatch your life and make you “mines”.
I notice how all the other roses in my fantasy garden seem to be leaning towards you.
Leaning towards this one rose. You even grow alone.

I stop.
I realize.
Not only do I enjoy the tallest and most beautiful rose in my fantasy garden,
But other roses do as well.
I also notice varying foot impressions around just this one spot.
It seems, I am not the only visitor to this fantasy garden.
This garden is shared.

I reflect, I grow and I learn.
Now, when I visit this fantasy garden, the garden where you grow, I visit to admire your strength, your ability to grow alone, your beauty…and I show my respect.

What lessons can be learned from this single rose?

– To, you know who you are
– From, someone who loves you dearly

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