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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #100 – Willing to Bet My Life

I think I may be close to mastering this Chiron 7th house position in my astrological natal chart…

In fact, I would be willing to bet my life on the things I know that people may find crazy, strange or whimsical. In any case, I KNOW this Chiron 7th house placement allows me to bring forth any darkness that is inside a person that engages with me. If its there? Being around me will bring out the absolutely WORST in you to heal. It has proven itself 100% of the time and from here on out I will speak as if this is simply fact.

What I realize now? I have to wait out that person’s darkness reveal before I decide its a healthy place to share my heart. Have I attracted people in my life who have very little darkness if at all none in their souls? Yes and believe me they are super close to me, its a blessing to even find them.

However with 7th house Chiron placement, you need to play the long game. Even the best of people have healing they need to do and YOU will eventually bring it out no matter how much they try to hide it. Find out what their darkness is FIRST before you set up a space for your heart to reside. Sometimes, you will discover it will never be a place to rest a heart and that’s ok I know one thing though, that if you continue attaching to only what your EYES show you? I promise you it’ll be a long, hard, journey ahead. Instead…

Be STILL, let God/Love run through you, let it guide your heart and mind, allow your Light to bring forth the darkness and your travels through life will be so much easier, I can promise you that.

“Light up the darkness.”

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