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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #11 Is this a dream?


My dearest heart…
You know a love like this shouldn’t exist here.
But how does it?

We live in a cynical world…
and often times cruel world.
But the two of us remain grounded and unwavering.

Imagine my King, our love the tallest redwood tree
Older than time itself
It grows alone, resilient
On the highest mountain top no man can climb
…Its strength

Now if you will…imagine our love the lotus
Able to grow where no other creation can
It blooms each day…our love renewed.
…Its purity

If you can, imagine our love the sun
It shines for all to see
But only a few will appreciate
It brings life and fire to a world of darkness.
…Its vitality

My gentle King…
I tremble as I write this.
I love you eternal.
It feels as if we’ve been here before.
You’ve touched my soul deeply
And we will never be apart.
Because this love will weather the sands of time
They will write poems and sing to the heavens about the love we share

This is no dream
The love we share is the only reality.
Everything else is an illusion

I love you my King, unconditionally…always have, always will

Smiling At Myself

There is nothing like the feeling of loving someone and knowing they love you in return. Sweet Poetry. Old Memories.[/tsp-authors-note ]

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