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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #22 The Pandemic of Loveless-ness

I personally can’t think of a better place to post this…

I had an epiphany last night about the human race and our lack of Love for ourselves and each other. It was so profound but the minute I was on the verge of waking up to write the memory down, my alarm clock went off and the thought vanished. I sat for minutes trying to recollect my dream but to no avail. So I’m just going to write this from spirit and hopefully it will address the global pandemic of Loveless-ness.

We collectively do not Love ourselves as we should. And this is a dangerous act for any person to perform because our lack of Love can never lead to any happiness, only misery. We look all over for the Love we need, but never within. We even extend our Love to others freely, but we never stop to think. Maybe I should Love myself? How can I truly Love anyone if I don’t Love myself? Our continued lack of Love is destined to be our greatest downfall. Where ever there is a lack of Love we have chaos. I find that the Loveless fall into three categories, the miserable, the leaches and the unloved. And most of them can be spotted easily by their behaviors.

Type 1: The Miserable

Look for the person who lives to find fault in everyone else except themselves. This is just a protection or defense mechanism. They look to belittle another human being to make themselves feel better. These are the ones that secretly think to themselves…if I can’t be happy neither can you. They are Love’s enemy. They can’t stop until Love is eradicated. The Miserable REFUSE to Love.

Type 2: The Leaches

This person has no earthly clue as to what Love is; all they know is that they need to have it. They seek outward Love and attention and when they are deprived of that Love they lash out and become the vilest human beings one could ever know. They are Love’s vampires. The walking dead…seeking Love from others because their souls are lifeless. The Leaches DON’T KNOW HOW TO Love.

Type 3: Unloved

Now this type of person is truly a sad case because they feel they are unlovable. Any type of relationship in which they are shown Love, soon sours because they feel they are unworthy of Love. If they even for a moment mistakenly bask in the beauty of Love they immediately defile it. They are Love’s loss. They have never known Love and they know they never will. The Unloved DON’T KNOW Love.

And each one of us has fallen into at least one of these types or phases during our lifetimes. But we must realize that one, these are not healthy valleys to live in and two, they are the symptom of some dis-ease that we have refused to address. It is imperative that we all take time out to fix our past hurts so that we can learn to Love ourselves and realize that the beauty of ourselves is enough. What if we never find our soul mates? What if we never find that one true friendship that changes our soul for the better? What do we do in the meanwhile? Do we constantly seek outside ourselves for what we think we need or will we stop and look inward for the Love we so desperately need to survive?

Remember. What you seek is also seeking you. If we live in Love, then true Love will find us. If we live in misery, then we will live as a reflection of it in turmoil. Kindred souls, Love begins and ends with self. There is no sweeter nectar than the Love we have for ourselves. For when we Love ourselves we possess the power to change the world because we have first made the change within ourselves. For Love’s sake, please stop being comfortable with being ignorant of our internal condition. Learn to Love and then Learn to Live.


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