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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #23 Love Beyond

A “Love Beyond”…What does that mean exactly? How does one experience It? Even the wisest of us can only speculate as to what It truly Is. And most will spend their entire lives searching for It and never witness It. But It can not be found or sought, its an experience for the chosen, the few, the strong. A “Love Beyond” is born from fire, the child doesn’t choose. The child is chosen. Once chosen, they have the unique privilege to choose their own life and death. Some will battle the storm and win others will choose to continue at another time or not at all.

The men and women who bless this world with their message of unconditional Love are a Love Beyond. Most usually have the most tragic beginnings of all Creation. They are forged by fire and through the fire, they emerge the Phoenix. The rebirth? Infinite. For no tear that these beings of the Most High cry are ever wasted. One tear from these beautiful creations has the power to heal the world. For each tear represents a lesson that must be shared. And if one would just open their hearts to hear the message their lives will be forever changed for the better.

Children of a Love Beyond don’t just enter into existence, they unknowingly infect it. Like a virus, they spread their message with out having to say a word. They are the great mothers and fathers of Creation. Their soul mission is to heal the sick and lost. They are truly angels on earth. They are the humblest of Creation that will never admit that they are any greater than what they are. And what they are is the purest form of Love in existence. They only know Love and they Love because nothing else matters. Unfortunately, because their hearts are pure they easily become targets to the Loveless. But what the Loveless will one day realize is that Love is all there is and It alone has the power to turn the coldest heart warm, the power to turn sorrow to joy and the power to make you laugh when all you want to do is cry. These children are soldiers of the Most High. They understand Love because they live it. But, they have an even higher mission, that which reaches “beyond” the hearts of men to the souls of all. Their mission is to understand Love and share it with others through their tears.

A warrior that has stayed true to themselves and therefore their mission will have eternal life. They will never die because the message they shared with others will live on through the lives they touch. Think of the message as a single drop or water into an endless ocean. Just one drop creates a ripple affect that is never ending. This ripple will eventually touch the heart of all with time. And, if that heart receives the message and understands, they will create their own ripple effect which will also be endless and just as powerful. When these warriors have expanded their message of inner solace, they have succeeded in their mission. The message will touch the heart but live on in the soul of others as an immortal flame, which will burn forever within our being until internal death…

the point of no return…a hell on earth that only the victim experiences. A being that has died internally no longer reflects Love but consumes and distorts it like a black hole. Love may enter but it’ll never exit. The internal death of a warrior of the Most High is as the death of a super nova. The death will be experienced by one but felt by all. Once these warriors die an internal death, there is no power known to man that can bring them back to life, back to the fire, back to the infinite rebirth. Therefore, it is their duty to make sure that they not surrender to the Loveless. They must live their lives like the Lotus, and remain unwavering to the chaos of their surroundings. Like butterfly wings, if they are infected by at least one touch from the Loveless they’ll never be the same and an internal death may soon to follow unless a change is made immediately.

After a child of this caliber is chosen, they have a choice. Will they accept who they were born to be or will they face internal death? For them, there is no in between. They live a life of absolution. Either they’re on the path or not because anything less than their birthright is internal death.They most remember that their life is not their own. They are children of the Most High and therefore all of creation and with this comes much responsibility. They most look beyond their wants and desires and focus on needs only. They most look beyond the desires of Love and focus on the need of Love. They must look beyond themselves, beyond the material, beyond the Loveless and look to a “Love Beyond”.

The choice is ours…so we must choose wisely.


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