Love’s Chronicles – Entry #24 Thank You

I had a poem all written in my head but now, it won’t suffice
What I write tonight hasn’t been formed
What I need to say is Thank You
Thank You for guiding me back on the path I left
I felt the need to stray and taste of that which I already was
I took a vacation from that which is to come
I realize now, Zoie’s story is my story
She is I, I am She

We are One

I know her pain because It is my life
No blow is different from the next, both have the power to spark rebirth
I overstayed my welcome because I didn’t want to fight the battle to come
I am thankful to Adaya for allowing me to partake of her essence
I wanted to stay in paradise and bask in the shadows of my soul
I just hope the ancestors aren’t too upset with me

I have always known that there were bigger plans for my life
No one is this lucky, No one is this blessed, No one is this strong
I know now that I must go face my destiny
I know now that I must face my future
I know now that I must face myself

No one can hold my hand, although I so want them to
No one can tell me what I need to hear, because the truth is within me
Zoie knew then as I know now that this day would come
The day that I would no longer be able to hide from Myself
The day that I would no longer be able to hide from You
The day that I would no longer be able to hide from Love

The story of Enlightenment is about us
I unknowingly wrote my future, our experience, believing Enlightenment was outside of me
Now I know it is me

I Love You Aaron, Always Have, Always Will

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