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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #26 Show Her

I remember when I was married Moor use to promise the world, for years and years he would do so but all they ever turned out to be were promises. He wanted to give me so much that I rarely even got a kiss. When I was engaged to One-Time he spoke the most beautiful words to me but his actions said otherwise. 

Its really sad when folks care but all they have are words. Everybody wants to hear kind words every now and again but whats even more lasting are your actions. What have you done to show her you love her? What have you done to show you care? If you can’t answer these questions, you better start before another man will. It can be the simplest of things like writing her a poem, taking her to the park or even holding her hand. But I guarantee you gentlemen a time will come when words will account for nothing and your actions mean everything.

She’s the air you breathe
An invisible life force for your soul

She’s the sun that kisses your skin
A perfect ending to your day

She’s the silver lining behind your clouds
A calm in your storm

She’s the earth, beautiful beyond words
A mother to your creations

There are no words to express the love you have for her…
So show her

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