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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #29 I Maintain My Innocence

I remember a time
When my views on the world
were like that of a child
Innocent, Pure and Positive

A time when everything and everyone
were beautiful and every word became a song

Then I was born

I became “smart”, able to discern “right” from “wrong”
I became “adult”, able to make “mature” decisions
I became “righteous”, adhering to the highest moral standards

I became a judge

This became my birthright
But was it a right I deserved?

If I could not know what I know now
If I could not see what I see now
If I could not hear what I hear now
I could be like a child
Or is that a part of me that died at my birth?

Have I allowed the world to change
The best parts of everything that I am?

Does a place exist where I can trust
without doubt?

Is there a soul that I can love
without fear?

I wonder these things
And until I have the “answers”
I maintain my “innocence”

Originally Written on “Behind the Mask” on 08/01/2009. This entry overwrote the chronicle named “How Do You See Me?”

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