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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #34 Our Connection to The One

I was just wondering. Everything “external” to us is so mysterious, filled with wonder. Example, we are levitating inside of a huge ball floating in the middle of the universe. We have a connection to everything, we can feel it. But what are we doing? Working 9 to 5s trying to make ends meet.

My soul is just sad. I know there is a peace beyond anything we can imagine if we only choose “God/Universe/Higher Self” (The One) instead of things. But what keeps us doing what we shouldn’t? What keeps us from being one with everything that is us? Is it because we talk for The One and delude ourselves into thinking that The One helped us to gain all of these material possessions?

I have so many questions. I just feel deep down in my soul that we are so off base. So far away from nature, loving each other, attuning with the spirit of The One. What are we doing? Really? Why are we afraid to be that which we are? It just makes me sad.

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