Love’s Chronicles – Entry #35 The Connection

I’m sitting here thinking about Love and what it is and once again I come to the conclusion that its a connection to the Creator and all of creation. We always have a choice, to connect or disconnect to the Creator, to the One, to Love.

So then I think about the words connect and DISconnect. When we choose to embrace Love we can not be afraid of completely opening ourselves to the connection 100%….the love flows freely in and out. But when we disconnect, however small, we block Love from entering or leaving some part of our souls. And I really wonder about why we sometimes are so open to giving love but are weary of receiving it.

What would make us do that? Why do we refuse to receive the Love we give?

Then I think about us and I think that no matter how hard we may try to disconnect from the reception of Love how it always seem to come anyway and force it’s way in. Isn’t that beautiful?

No matter how hard we try to run from our glory it always seem to find us.

I see you my beautiful sister and I love and accept you as a blessing in my life. Fight the darkness baby girl

– To Jenyfer

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