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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #37 God is Love

God is Love. God is who we are. Love is what we are. Our lives is a manifestation of Love. Our belief in separation is only an illusion. We think we are separate or abandoned by God when we are just in another form.

That’s why we have some people who have memories of being trees and other “objects” or beings. Because when we die our bodies go back to the earth but our God selves goes back to the source. Once we dock we rebuild and restructure ourselves for rebirth. We rarely come back in the same form we had before. We come back with a different purpose and we may have the wisdom of Buddha inside us, we may have the courage of a lion inside now and we are born into the world again.

What are we attempting to perfect in our rebuilding? I don’t recall but I KNOW that we are all one and that we are all connected. I just pray that one day we get it right and we can have the peace I believe we are seeking…that God is seeking…that Love is seeking.

Message to Mad Mullah El-Bamm Beno AKA Diego Roberto Cornier

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