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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #39 9

A Universal Message To My Dearest Sisters.

I hope that one day you will release your pains and see yourself as I saw myself in you. I know you came into my world as a mirror image of myself so that we could heal together. I saw myself reflected in you and I made changes, most actually through you, to strive to be better than I am. I know now that the changes I made have caused us to go our separate ways. But It’s OK, I Love you.

I know that your actions are not you but the manifested pain you still hold to. I have decided that pain serves no purpose in my life and I am gradually dropping the weight. But as I do so, I realize that I begin to get lighter and I begin to levitate. I reach for your hands but they are no longer within grasp. Something whispers to add on more weight so that I may descend. But I also hear a more powerful whisper say that I must journey on. I chose the journey.

I love you all and wish nothing but Love, Peace and Happiness to you.

Happy Travels.

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