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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #40 You are Beautiful!

191813_1936108683267_1258847616_32392997_4865506_oMy sisters, you are truly beautiful. Do you not see the beauty every time you look in the mirror? If not, why?

Coming up as a child, no one ever told me I was beautiful. In fact, one girl was even so bold as to whisper in my ear that I was ugly. I let my so-called friends define MY beauty. In fact, I didn’t realize I was beautiful until a friend of mines told me. When she said it I burst out in tears because it was the first time I had heard anyone say it. And she told me when I felt most ugly. It changed my life.

In the past, I could see myself and I did see beauty but I would push it away and say to myself, “Oh no I can’t be truly beautiful. No one sees it but me.” And you know what? The beholder is the only person that needs to see it. And when we realize our beauty, then everything we see will be beauty. We will be surrounded in beauty and you will see everything and everyone in a new light…in Love’s light.

Now, I always take the time to tell my sisters that they are beautiful because someone said it to me. So whether you know you’re beautiful or not, I make sure to recognize you as beautiful. I see it even if you don’t yet. When I have my daughter, I will be sure to tell her “You are Beauty”. I will tell her that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” And I will tell her, “My dearest heart every time I think of you, I think of beauty. You radiate beauty inside and out.” And I will tell her these things because her mother learned that if you don’t have beauty inside, you definitely won’t see it on the outside.

And yes we all have our days when we don’t feel necessarily beautiful inside but thats why we have family, friends and loved ones to help us to remember who we really are. Beautiful. Also my sisters, please stop gossiping about, hating on and disrespecting other sisters because they recognize their beauty and you don’t. Have you looked at yourself? You are just as beautiful as the person that you have ridiculed. Heal your pain my sisters. Tell yourself you are beautiful every day and one day you will see yourself and others in absolute beauty.


Be One in Love My Beautiful Sisters :-)

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