Love’s Chronicles – Entry #42 The Troop

We are Happiness.

We are Joy.

I look over at my husband, my King, and smile as I walk back onto the porch with a glass of lemonade. I take a deep breath of fresh air and exhale. As I sip my drink, I watch the “Troop” laugh and play. Yep, that’s what we lovingly named our ourselves after the 5th baby was born. Yes, I am a very fertile little creature (lol). Also apart of our family are two dogs and two cats and they become mystical more and more each day. Is it customary for dog to smile and a cat to read books? (lol) Who knows? Oh well, they are my precious babies as well.

Our favorite past time is to explore the Kingdom of the Trees and collect little novelties like pine cones that the trees, the ancient ones, are so gracious to leave for us. We love the forest, so we built a big home out in the woods with a big front and back yard to play around in all day. The forest and all of its inhabitants are our friends. Speaking of friends…I wonder where Chester, our pet squirrel is today? It’s still early, I know he’ll be visiting soon. :-)

Today we are all outside laughing and playing as usual and it has begun to rain…just a little. We all yell out, “It’s raining! It’s raining!” But none run for cover, we love to be touched by God. :-) And as the rain falls, the Troop begins to play and laugh even harder.

I smile.

We are All in Love.

I touch my ever growing belly and whisper, “I wonder what your name will be little one.” As I begin to walk down the porch steps, my King jogs over to help me and gives me a kiss on the lips and the babies scream in unison “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww stop it!”. We laugh. We walk back over to the children and my youngest walks up to me and shows me a dragonfly that has landed in her hand.

I smile.

We are Love and Love is Us.

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