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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #48: I am Free-Spirit


Before yesterday, I thought there was one particular person that was reserved just for me. Yesterday I realized how selfish that thought was.

Love is not limiting, it does not restrict, it is not reserved just for one person but for All. So now things have changed for me, I hope to share my life experience with everyone. Love is abundant and overflowing and I know I can never be without it in my life. I will no longer look for it in just a man, but in all things…my friends, my family, strangers, and all of Gods creations.

I am Free-Spirit.

The Universe is my domain, I will not tie myself down to one but hold hands with All.

If a man seeks a union with me, he must realize that if he marries me, he marries the world. I am not his possession, I belong to no one. My Love must flow. If I don’t flow, I don’t grow. If I don’t grow, I don’t live.

I am All, All is Me, Love is We.

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