Love’s Chronicles – Entry #49: The Harvest

Weeds overtook my crop this year, I don’t even know if anything grew.

I need to plow the ground and take care to remove all weeds before I even consider planting one seed. I have a greater respect for the entire Life cycle now. I think thats why things turned out the way they did… I didn’t respect the process.

I was so cocky thinking I could just master what gardeners and farmers took years to master. How hard could it be? I plant a seed, water it and things will grow. Its not that simple. First we must have a respect for the process, a respect for the ability to sustain life. Before I planted one seed I should of asked for wisdom and insight into my planting. I did not. I wasn’t meant to harvest this year. This was all about learning the lesson.

I imagine that people will travel for miles to partake in next year’s harvest.

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