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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #51 Dark vs Light

Do you see or feel Love?

To me I would say I feel Love. To me thats using more than seeing but vision.

I’ve been studying myself and I’ve come to this conclusion about Love.

I see the experience of Love like this…

Imagine you are walking on a tight rope on either side is dark and light. And as you see further into the distance you see others all around you on this same tight rope, you see your lover, children, family and friends.

Now knowing what we know, no one really wants to dip into the dark side but we know we can’t stand still for long. So as you proceed down this tight rope you extend your arms out on both sides to get balance. There are times when you may dip too far to one side or the other but you progress just the same.

Now imagine as you are progressing and balancing you see off in the distance your child leaning too far to the dark side and you scream out “Be Careful! Don’t fall! Stay out of the dark side!”

What is happening at this time?

First, There is no way you yourself can progress if you are so intensely focused on the progression of another.

And as you break the silence with your wisdom, wouldn’t it startle the child and cause him to possibly overcorrect and fall off into the abyss on one side or the other and never see what he was progressing toward?

Now imagine that we all are connected to each other by another cord tied around our waists. If one dips too far to the dark or light this may cause others to either lean in the same direction as the person on one side of them or they can pull in the opposite direction. A little chaotic right?

But what if we all closed our eyes and felt everything. And untied the visible cords around our waists and traded it in for an invisible, more powerful one.

Would we not feel more secure knowing that in order to have perfect balance we needed to always have a healthy balance of dark and light, sunshine & rain? We would not fear for our children leaning one way or the other because we were all connected telepathically and they too knew the key to perfect balance. We would not feel the need to worry about them because you were connected with them already. You would not feel hindered by the extra burden around your waist but you would feel free. What if one decided that the quickest way to advance was to fly, with a cord around your waist you’re just going to drag everyone with you but with this new more brilliant invisible cord everyone would feel you fly and say hey if they can do that I can do that too?

*giggle* I’m getting lost in my thoughts. *smile* Thats how I see Love.

To make a long story short, it is just fine to remain in a constant state of bliss and happiness but will it cause a progression? How can we advance and grow unless we have a healthy balance of both dark and light? Maybe the dark brings to the table some knowledge and understanding that the light never could.

Im learning. So instead of trying to get everyone to overcorrect when they are leaning into the dark side how about sending them messages of understanding as to why they are there and what it is teaching them. Journaling would be key. And as they get the lesson or feel the light the light will draw them closer and in turn bring the balance we all need. The key isn’t happiness but contentment. Because happiness is fleeting, but when we are content we have a deeper understanding as to why we need both sides for balance so when we lean “too far” to one side or the other at our very core there is a deeper understanding and therefore a peace that can not be shaken or moved.

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