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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #57: No Fear

Once again I find myself running from and I realized immediately it was from fear of being hurt so I asked Ice this question and received the best answer one could of ever received.

Question: Ice, how do I get over my fear of being hurt? Im always running away from things and I want to stop but I don’t know how. As soon as I even think that hurt is coming my way I try to run. Any ideas?

Answer: sure…. its not the fear of being hurt thats the problem … its the fear itself… i know it sounds cliche.ish but look closely.. fear comes from doubt cause.. if you were 999% positive that you wouldnt get hurt there would be nothing to fear… and the truth is you will get hurt. almost every time in every situation.. think of yourself as a great quarterback( the guy that throws the ball in football) lol duking yur slipper< lol look at a football game that guy gets knocked down on every single play .. and is the only guy on the field who has no time to put a hand up to prevent the hit..and he is hit twice once by the defense then the ground. but if you look close will notice that his eyes are always fixated down field at his receivers to see if they caught the ball. he expects the hit..but if he flinches ,is scared , or afraid to throw the ball .. his team will never score .

the secret is to train and prepare your mind body spirit and soul for a full contact game..unlike with games life wont let us sit on the sidelines and not play in some way … look @ it like the coaches are the gods and the angels. giving us the plays. the ppl on the bench are our past reletives cheering us on spiritually wishing they could help us in anyway . your team on the field are ppl in the same situation as you and are helping us to all achieve the same goals they will block for you defend you and catch your passes all fighting the same fear of being hurt and possibly end their careers aswell. the crowed is the world watching .. some with you some against you. as you play for future generations to come ..even if as in my case a nice 10 bag trip to walmart is the only reward.. so long explaination short..the love of winning has to surpass the fear of loosing in our life… you were chosen to throw the ball bcz you hv the ability to complete plays .. and that should be the prime focus . fear will disapear in your confidence of knowing you will get hurt but yu hv been conditioned for the blows.. and how you recover is what will get you to the hall of fame..

do we fear the pain of sex b4 we do it.. hell na we goin for the nut.. and that hurt that pain of that pussy getting stretched in every direction and our dicks gettin chaffed is probly goin to hurt tomorrow .. but you dont give a fuck ,, you like hurt me please.. give me more in our sex mind we rarely even fear disease or pgnancy we fixed on the out cum.. same thing in the emotional world. all things are either tests or lessons nothing can hurt you but the lack of preporation and the doubt that its all coming from one source… the hurt makes you stronger, wiser ,and faster …so fuck life lol.. and get yours. . lol look how these cats broke it down

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