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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #58: Love Helps Us Grow

I was having a conversation with a friend  and she is going through hard times and felt as if she was losing. Here is my response…

You’re never losing…everything is a cycle just like the seasons. We have to have both sunshine and rain to grow dear heart and you’re getting a little rain now, and also a wake-up call to be more present in your daily activities. Everything is OK and everything is as it should be. Once the clouds have receded you can always count on sunshine…its guaranteed.

What you must do is realize what is being planted in each cycle of sunshine and rain. What is the lesson? If you don’t get the lessons or you don’t grow you are going to repeat the same cycle over and over again until you do. Why? Think about it like this, have you ever had a plant that didn’t grow as you had expected. Some things we might do in attempts to help it grow is to water it and if that doesn’t work we expose it to sunshine. After awhile, if we still don’t see growth, we may intensify our attempts with more water and sunshine. We continue this until finally the plant responds. And thats how life is, Love just wants to help you to grow. Things are going to continue to be the same until you stand up and say, “I am growing. Thank you”

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