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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #59: Oh Yes, Baby! Activate Me!

Im thinking about “love” (little L) and I realize that love is a choice. Its a choice we make to connect with someone we desire. We make a choice to allow this person to activate parts of ourselves that we sometimes will not, by choice, allow others to do. We have the ability to love with great intensity by allowing others to activate different aspects of ourselves. So if someone says they dont love us anymore or the fire “dies”, they or you have chosen to not let yourself be “activated” by this person. In any case, Love is still there, the possibility to continue to love is there, but we make the choice to no longer love. “Falling out of love” doesn’t just happen, its chosen.

Now, imagine how powerful it would be to allow ourselves to be “activated” by all of creation. We’d have the ability to have an orgasm with just a thought, we’d be able to experience pure bliss with a gentle breeze, we’d be able to experience anything we could ever dream of with just a thought. For many these things will never happen because we box ourselves up and only allow certain people, places, events and beings to activate us. We cheat ourselves of ourselves.

What we all need to do is shatter our locks so no key is needed. Then there will be no need to wait on our “soul” mates because everyone can have that space in our souls. There would be no need for “best” friends, marriage, commitment or divorce because we would know with all of our being that Love is abundant and the love we have could be shared by all who wish to experience it. Our whole world would change and nothing would ever be as it was before.

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